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For Metal Cladding we offer a number of system types with panels manufactured from aluminium, steel or stainless steel. One of the systems is GL1 - our own aluminium cladding, fully tested and certified to CWCT standards with wind load up to 3.6 kN/m2 and manufactured in our factories. 
Metal cladding is a very versatile product. In addition to being non-combustible by nature, it is very rigid and can be finished in hundreds of colours including anodic and metallic, and shapes including corrugated and perforated panels.

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From bespoke glazes and shapes, to orientations and configurations, terracotta ceramic and glass reinforced concrete (GRC) cladding has been used for decades offering a warmth and unique feel to any building.

These cladding types have much in common by combining the proven durability and natural beauty of clay and concrete with a simple support structure, to enable the freedom of expression in design and the simple and quick installation process on site.
Amongst the rich variety of products on offer from us, the most popular tend to be Agrob Buchtal and Reider.


In Stone and Slate Cladding we work with almost any natural, reconstituted, veneer or composite stone and slate materials creating impressive building features.
Stone and slate materials have always remained popular amongst architects, developers and general public for their natural look, robustness, endless shapes and colours.
When it comes to stone, our experienced design and technical sales team are always ready to discuss your project and offer the right solution to suit your design and budget.

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Brick is familiar, comforting, and reliable. That is why it remains a popular choice of finish for architects and contractors seeking to incorporate the traditional values of warmth and strength in their designs.
Brick Slip cladding offers numerous advantages over the use of traditional brick work such us elimination of masonry support systems, reduced loads on building frame, up to 70% less of material volumes on site, up to 50% quicker installation.
Our Brick Slip Cladding range includes market-leading and extremely popular mechanically-fixed and panelised brick slip systems such as Mechlip, Corium, and Gebrik.