metalwork and powder coating

Ever since Gladious Ltd was established, metal fabrication has been our core service for our own projects as well as external customers. Over the years our factory team worked closely with many creative and innovative people to help turn their needs into reality. 

Our factory equipped with latest CNC controlled machinery for cutting, drilling,  punching and bending sheet metal and profiles, welding stations for steel, aluminium and stainless steel, manufacturing area for pre-assembled items. 

We are the people who will tackle any project with enthusiasm and deliver work of the highest quality – from initial design review stages and production of prototypes through to material sourcing , manufacture and delivery.

Our range includes almost anything that is possible to make from metal sheets and profiles in Steel , Zintec,  Aluminium , Stainless steel and Zinc in solid or perforated form. 


Gladious Architectural Coatings is our sister company operating from our 2nd factory unit and providing thermoplastic or a thermoset polymer powder coating for our own work as well as many external customers.

We use market leading Cromadex treatment technology for all metalwork  combined with phosphate based 10 stage cleaning system providing thoroughly degreased, cleaned and prepared for coating surfaces.

The coating itself is carried out  by using Swiss made GEMA electrostatic powder spraying system followed by curing in 6m x 2.5m x 3.5m gas heated oven  forming 60-100 microns outer  tough ‘skin’.

Our range of finishes includes all available RAL colours, majority of BS colours, anodized look-a-like colours, sandstone effects aggregate coatings to name a few.

During recent adhesion tests carried out by Akzo Nobel we have achieved excellent results surpassing Qualicoat requirement. This allows us to offer 15+ Years "Service 1st" warranty for majority of coating work.