Curtain Walls, Windows and Structural Glazing

Built upon the foundations of a premier site installation company, we have the experience and expertise to deliver vast range of glazing projects from simple punch-in windows to more intricate patio and entrance doors and finishing with very complex  multifaceted unitized and stick-built curtain wall systems on time, safely and within budget. Our operational staff has over 10 years of installation and management experience and able to bring a wealth of knowledge to ensure build-ability is always fully understood and captured within planning and design.

We also offer support for technical engineering and Project Management

Cladding and Bespoke Building Features

At Gladious Ltd, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer professional technical support, project management and  installation services for variety of cladding systems to the highest industry standard including but not limited to:

- Aluminium, Metal Composites and Zinc

- High Pressure Laminates (Trespa, Parklex, Marley, Rockpanel, Prodema etc)

- Glass and Class Composites (STO Ventec, Alsecco Airtec)

- Stone (Kinorigo, Generix, Allcomb, TI Aerolite etc)

Whether its simple decorative plant screen or sophisticated cantilever fully sealed facade , we are able to offer right level of expertise, resources and workmanship to cover it all

Architectural Metalwork 

Balconies, balustrades, railings, gates, plant screens, brise soleil are an increasing feature of modern developments – both public and private. Gladious has the capacity to undertake technical assessment, design and / or installation of large sized jobs or small private projects. In either, case our ability to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our clients is paramount.

Being working to very demanding programmes and competitive budgets , we strive in ability to manage and resource our work around Client's needs in various project conditions. 

Facade Maintenance and Repairs

All building facades require repair and preventative maintenance irrespective of the materials utilized in the construction of the building. Our maintenance services range from simple replacement of the silicone joints and window gaskets  to extensive repairs  that can involve major replacement of framed windows, doors, glass, curtain wall elements and cladding. This often involves use of specialized equipment like MEWPs, Spider cranes and BMUs. 

From the individual one-off repair solutions typically needed for small building, to the scheduled facade maintenance contracts covering large developments, we can deliver your projects efficiently and effectively.



Curtain Wall Systems

Stick built and Unitised. Pressure plates and toggle glass retention systems. Aluminium and steel. Mullion and Transom (or combined) drained. Any type of glazing or solid spandrel panels. Louvered MEHV inserts

Windows and Doors

Windows: side/top hung, tilt & turn, pivoted, fully reversible. Aluminium, steel, timber or composite. Direct fixed, on lugs or brackets. Single or double EPDM seals, insulated jambs and heads. Bead or mastic glazed. Any type of glazing or solid spandrel panels. Louvered MEHV inserts

Doors: swing, sliding, bi-folding. Aluminium, steel, timber or composite. Direct fixed, on lugs or brackets. Single or double EPDM seals, insulated jambs and heads. Bead or mastic glazed Louvered MEHV inserts. Automated closing and locking gear.


Metal: aluminium, steel (coreten), zinc, copper

Metal composite: ACM types cladding alike Vitrabond, Reynobond all with non-combustible core

High Pressure Laminates: Trespa, Marley, Parklex, Rockpanel, Prodema, Formica, Cembrit and similar

Terracotta: Telling's Argeton, James Taylor's  Alphaton & Longoton , EH Smith's Agrob Buchtal

Stone Slab and Stone veneer composite: Kinorigo, Generix, Allcomb, TI Aerolite and similar

Glass composite: STO Ventec, Alsecco Airtec

GRP and GRC preformed cladding.

Any type of the support system with full insulation, membranes and fire cavity closers. 

Structural Glazing

 - "Spider" stand-off brackets with point fixing systems

- "Toggle " bracket support for double glazed systems

 - Cable support fixing systems

-  Framed systems 


Frameless glass balustrades with: propitiatory aluminium clamping channel  /  steel back-to-back clamping angles  / point glass fixings through slab or wall

Post and Clamp glass or metal balustrades

Fully Framed glass balustrades

Railings and Gates

Steel and Timber Railings and Fencing with various infill types

Steel and Timber manual gates (pedestrian, vehicular) including access controlled locking

All other types of architectural metalwork

Including , but not limited to: 

- canopies and awnings

- solid, louvered and mesh clad screen and enclosures

- brise soleil and projected fins

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Gladious Ltd is multi specialist facade contractor providing variety of installation, management and maintenance services related to glazing, cladding and metalwork on and inside of buildings, often combined with technical support, research and development, architectural design and solid supply supply chain.


The main factors that have contributed to the success of Gladious Ltd since it was established in 2016 are the PEOPLE and MANAGEMENT. 

The staff in each of our departments have deservedly earned enviable reputations within the construction industry through hard work, uncompromising precision and constant 'on the job' development. The ,majority of our staff have over 20 years' experience in working on different facade projects in a variety of sectors, from small home renovations to multipleoperational sites within London Olympic Park.

The management processes in Gladious are extremely streamlined , based around use of the Microsoft Sharepoint cloud technology through which we achieve fast, paperless environmental-friendly communication.
We love what we do, and the variety of projects within our portfolio exemplifies the scope of our engineering capabilities. We deliver a reliable and complete range of installation and support services for Clients working in London and further afield.

Our uncompromising Health & Safety policy has  substantially reduced preventable safety-related incidents and we also  provide safety training for both labour and management.  
The company’s main aim is to understand our clients’ needs and objectives in order to deliver expected level of service.



Years working in Industry for our key personnel


Completed projects by our key personnel


Current personnel


Ongoing projects


Bonhams, (offices)
Example of facade repair on famous auction house building. Due to insufficient fixings holding terracotta cladding battens above main entrance, all connections between cladding and building were replaced
Orion House (offices & hotel)
Multi faceted semi circular office & hotel building with double skin unitized capped and structurally glazed façade acting as acoustic screen.
ORIANA II (retail & residential)
Complex and multi faceted development with mixture of newly built and existing historic facades in heart of London.
Kennet Island (residential)
Landmark development in Reading comprising over 1500 apartments and houses. Variety of architectural façade products including high rise elements.
Charter Square (residential)
Very modern and striking building purposely designed for marketing suite in thought after development in
Staines upon Thames, Surrey
Steel Windows (private residential)
Number of truly bespoke contemporary jobs around Greater London involving very traditional yet energy efficient and thought after steel window system
Stanmore Place (residential)
Pristine development in North West London carrying simple but very attractive façade feature like suspended “floating walls” in front balconies
Marine Wharf (residential)
Built near old ship yard docks in South-East London,it features collection of contemporary
apartments and townhouses with modern brick and
metal façade schemes
Wilder Walk (communal)
Glass! Glass! Glass! The masterpiece of urban architecture this walkway in Central London creates incredible visual effects.
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